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Type C

Two cycle engines exceeding 41ccs, are good candidates for bicycle motor application. They deliver torque, speed and are built to withstand continuous usage for an extended length of time under punishing conditions. These engines are: TECUMSEH, MITSUBISHI, STIHL and ROBIN

*Tecumseh is American made. 

Very dependable and easiest to work on. Parts are available all over the world 
and abundant in your neighborhood lawn mower shop. 
Inexpensive to work on when in need of service.

*Mitsubishi is foreign.

Very dependable and difficult to work on. Parts are not easily available and
costly to work on. 

*Stihl & *Robin are European.

Very dependable and difficult to work on. Expensive to service if parts are
available and all too often lacking in most lawn repair shops. 

Mitsubishi, Stihl & Robin engines have the following in common:

  Triple ball bearings for all moving parts.
  Larger bore cylinder for extra power.*
  Double and triple piston rings to get the most out of gas combustion.
  Greater cylinder cooling surface area.
  Larger fins for quicker heat dissipation.
  Thicker wall casing for added protection against metal fatigue.

*Clearly, these engines have larger cylinders so that they can pack more power per stroke without huffing and puffing at the end of your chores. 

Type A Type B Type C
25 cc's   35 cc's 49 cc's 

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