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Bicycle tires are not made like moped, motorcycle or car tires. Most tires sold in the States are imported and of low grade quality. In fact, they are mostly made of pulverized synthetics blends and pigmented for color then poured into a tire mold and fused together by heat.


Since most tires sold at bike shops and department stores come from the same source, longevity cannot be expected from such tires when used with a motor. 
Note: Street Tires are the best all around Tire. 


Mineral oil 

Air-cooled two cycle engines are made of a better lubricant 
and leave a residual film on rings, piston, cylinder, crank shaft and ball bearings. Oils sold for 2 cycle air cooled engines differ than other types of oil, because they help keep the engine running cool under some of the most punishing conditions. 
Synthetic oil 
Synthetic oils burn too clean on bicycle motors leaving no residual lubrication, leading to engine failure.
Outboard oil 

Is not as refined as the oils used for lawn mowers edgers, weed eaters etc. Hence, Outboard engines use water pumps to keep cool and their lubricating oil need not be of good grade. 


Some of the most common electric motors are Pancake or Hub motors.

Pancake Motors  Pancake motors are the latest in technology. They are compact, flat, small in size and pack a lot of power and torque.

Pancake friction drive motors are the most reliable. Their installation is simple and basic. A friction roller is attached to the motor and it compresses against the tire. Depress the toggle switch and the wheel begins to turn. However, on wet roads they slip.

Hub Motors Made famous by Lee Iacocca. Hub motors, resemble ceiling fans, 

except they are laced to a bike rim with specially designed spokes. Hub motors are built into the bike rim and are 5x heavier than the Pancake Motors. 
They use up a lot of battery energy and when sold as an electric motor hub kit, they are very difficult to install, most often requiring professional help. 


Known as Currie or E.bike. These electric motors are Pancake Motors with a sprocket attached to their shaft and customized to fit a few bikes. These motors when sold as kits are complicated to install on a bikes. They assume the purchaser is an expert bike mechanic and has the facilities and machinery to modify his or her bike to fit the motor kit. 

All electric bikes are dependent on a good battery source and pedal assistance in conjunction to the motor power. All electric motor heat up when delivering power and unlike gas engines, they have no cooling fins. Consequently, they loose power and practically stop moving. Those equipped with fuses will automatically disconnect to preserve their integrity and the ones without the safety fuses will burn. Therefore, one needs to pedal assist to avoid these problems, or use the motor when needing some rest.

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