Remove rear brake from bike frame. 

Insert brake pivot bolt through center lower hole of Frame Mount ( H ). 

Place brake caliper inside slots cut outs of frame mounts. 
NOTE: Some bikes are equipped with center pull brakes.
The removal of these brakes is not required. 

Bolt bike Frame Mount ( H ) directly on bicycle frame
using 3 Bolts ( C ) & 3 Nuts ( D ) provided. 
See Figure.

Allow center brake cable to fit through slot cut outs.

Bolt brake pivot screw back in its original place.
Assemble Frame Plate ( I ) to the Frame Mount ( H )
using bolts ( C ) & nuts ( D ) provided. 

Place engine Struts (J ) onto each side of bicycle fender eyelets.

Bolt struts using the bolts ( K ) & nuts ( L ) provided.

See Figures.

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